Tours In Bordeaux

Custom Full Day Tour

CUSTOM FULL DAY Tailor made All weather Private (8 pers max) Van (option) Design your excursion in the outskirts of Bordeaux Our knowledge is at your service: we will guide you around the sites of your choice in Bordeaux and … Read More


BORDEAUX BY NIGHT Photographes Private – 10 pers max Amateur photographers, romantics or lovers of evening strolls alike: come discover the city at night with us! The monuments, plazas, bridges and quays in the heart of downtown are beautifully illuminated … Read More

Artisan & Architecture

ARTISAN & ARCHITECTURE Artisans All weather Private (10 pers max) Discover how Bordeaux became the beautiful city it is today Our city owes its beauty to the artisans, carpenters, workers, and architects who built it. This tour is a tribute … Read More

Museum Mixer

MUSEUM MIXER Photographes All weather Private (8 pers max) Nothing better than a passionate guide to introduce you to the rich cultural, artistic and historical heritage of our museums Although different options are available to you, the tour always begins … Read More

Judaism & Eminent Persons

JUDAISM & EMINENT PERSONS MEMORIAL All weather Private – 10 pers max Discover the extraordinary history of Bordeaux’s Jewish Community, from the Middle Ages up until today This tour covers the history of Bordeaux’s Jewish community, its earliest places of … Read More

Shop in Chic

SHOP CHIC Shopping All weather Private – 10 pers max Whether you are seeking chic boutiques or high-end brands, your personal shopping guide will help you find what you are looking for! This tour is a personalized one, designed according … Read More

Americans in Bordeaux

AMERICANS IN BORDEAUX USA Private – 10 pers max All weather From the colonization of America to 21st century investments: discover some of the main events during which French and US history intertwined! We start off by recounting the beginnings … Read More


NOUVELLE BORDEAUX Design All weather Private – 10 pers max Bordeaux is a city undergoing great changes, with new neighborhoods blooming from industrial wastelands.  The Bacalan-Bassins-à-Flots is the most developed of these, with over 90 architects contributing to its creation. Discover iconic monuments such as the … Read More

Wine in the City

WINE IN THE CITY wine Except on Monday Semi Private (4 pers min) Private (9 pers max) Discover how Bordeaux’s history is intertwined with its wine, without even visiting the vineyards! This tour begins at the Place de la Bourse, … Read More


FARMERS MARKET Locals Thursday to Sunday Semi Private – 4 pers min Private – max 10 A market frequented by the bordelais.e.s. for centuries! The Marché des Capucins, known as the “capus” by locals will engage your eyes as much … Read More