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The Legend of Bergerac’s Dragon

Cyrano is not Bererac’s only legendary character. A strange creature was said to inhabit a cave near Lalinde on the Couze cliff. … Read More

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La Cite Frugès – Utopian architecture

La Cite Fruges, nestled in the Pessac area of Bordeaux, is a creation of the Swiss architect Charles- Edward Jeanneret- Gris known to the world as Le Corbusier in collaboration with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret. … Read More

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Darwin Ecosystem

Bordeaux has a reputation of a town full of history and neoclassical architecture, but in recent years the city has started to develop in a more alternative and innovative directions. … Read More

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Eleanor of Aquitaine

Some of us will remember Eleanor of Aquitaine from our history lessons or movies from the past. She was the daughter of the Duke of Aquitaine, who was the ruler of of southwestern France. Unlike many of the noblewomen at … Read More

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A Promenade Through Bordeaux

My name is Hela Mansour American born to Egyptian parents and living in Bordeaux. In the light of the current events, I would like to welcome you this audio-cast, a promenade through Bordeaux. … Read More

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