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About us

The Company

Bordeaux Walking Tours is a French company specialized in intimate and authentic tours of Bordeaux and its region, guided by certified guides.

The company was founded by Hela Mansour, a Boston-born French-American with Egyptian roots. She moved to Bordeaux in 2007, and her passion for French gastronomy, architecture, history and culture led her to study to become an accredited guide. She has, ever since, guided hundreds of travelers yearly across the plazas, paths and windy cobblestone streets that give Bordeaux its charm.

Over the years, Hela has surrounded herself with a talented team, allowing Bordeaux Walking Tours to grow and to meet your specific needs. Each guide is different and has their own unique way of introducing you to the city’s superb heritage.


Bordeaux is renowned worldwide for its wine, and was designated UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007 for its exceptional architectural uniformity, and its great terroir, making for sensational gastronomy.

We offer classic and themed tours in the city’s historic center, museums, suburbs and region! From architecture to nature, elegance to romance, art to caviar: come experience the Aquitaine with us!

If you are looking for a unique, tailor-made experience, we can create a custom tour with the perfect guide, sure to make your stay unforgettable! If you’ve dreamed it up, we can make it happen!

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